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Semiconductor Market Demand Key to Alleviating Supply Constraints in 2022
From the end of last year until now the key product sectors in the semiconductor industry experiencing varying degrees of shortage have been automotive ICs, power management and analog, image sensors, display drivers, and SSD controllers with the common denominator being that each product area uses the same mature process technology. Pricing for wafers and chips have increased as the shortage shifts to back-end services including materials, substrates, power supplies, chemicals, raw wafers, and even the chassis of a system.

As the industry moves forward, organizations will continue to leverage technology to underpin every process, prioritize key business initiatives, and stabilize their value chain as the journey to overcome the shock from the pandemic continues into 2022. IDC will provide guidance on what the outlook is for the semiconductor market, including factoring macroeconomic uncertainty and political unrest rippling across every major region.

Topics of Discussion:
• 2022 semiconductor outlook and forecasts by product, region, and end-markets
• Impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict & geopolitical unrest on supply chains
• Sustainability of wafer and chip pricing environment post-pandemic
• Time frame to alleviating supply constraints and shortages in backend services

Companies Covered:
TSMC, Samsung, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, SK Hynix, Micron, and others

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Mario Morales
Group VP, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors @IDC
Mario Morales is the group vice president of IDC's enabling technologies, semiconductor, storage, and DataSphere research. He is responsible for in-depth analysis, evaluation of emerging markets and trends, forecasting, and research of major semiconductor industry segments such as embedded and intelligent systems, wireless, personal computing, networking and cloud infrastructure, automotive electronics, and AI semiconductors.